About us
EKO Endüstri was established in 1999 in Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone as a company, which shapes metal, open for innovation and customer oriented. Showing constant growth since its foundation, our company continues its operations in 5800 m² closed and 7500 m² open area.  
While producing satellite antenna and equipment in the first years of its establishment, our company has expanded its product and customer range within time as a benefit of its adaptation of working principles as flexible production and solution partner. By achieving the success of becoming the sole sports equipment producer of Decathlon Company in Turkey in 2004, our company included production of sports equipments into its organization. As a result of R&D works, EKO has also ranked among the leader and expert companies of Turkey in cold forging field since 2006. The company enhanced its reputation in international trade and started to work with IKEA, one of the leaders of the world, as of 2011.      
AS founders of EKO Endüstri, we believe that the fundamental values of belief of our company consist on working together towards the same targets in order to assure the future of our company and to ensure sustainability of our company. With this belief, we initiated lean implementation program as of 2012 in our company in order to reach excellence in all fields and we continue improvement studies and trainings primarily with our managers and employees with regard to that.