Our Quality Policy

As EKO Endüstri, building a process compatible with international quality standards by following a transparent policy in R&D and product range design process and production stages is one of our main priorities.
In the light of foregoing, the quality level we have reached as a result of our quality awareness, which we have adopted as corporate culture until today, and customer oriented works, have enabled our company to have a corner in international platforms.
Always targeting one step further from the point we reached, our company was entitled to ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in 2006, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management certificate as a result of the works it carried out with its customers, suppliers, employees and against our environmental responsibilities, and have maintained these certificates up to date without interruption. As a result of recertification inspection carried out in September 2012, the aforesaid certificates were upgraded to ISO 9001:008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 revision and the company also included ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management Systems Certificate into its structure.

For Suppliers:

The following form the basis of our working principle and production processes within the frame of the mutual respect we adopt for all our suppliers:

 Targeting to reach positive results,  
 Our sense of cooperation aiming to make production reach international standards, together with the sense of unity, which is maintained at every stage of development methods,
 Ensuring long lasting partnerships,

Providing required sources in line with requirements of companies we are serving and our solution partners, performing continuous improvements in quality and cost even beyond customer expectation by means of following up developments in our sector in international platform, and maintaining our innovation focused vision are of our main principles.

For Employees

We ensure that training of all our staff is realized at international standards for the sake of raising continuously the awareness of work health and safety at work, which is one of the main elements of our quality policy.
Along with that, we aim to ensure adaptation of continuous development understanding by all our staff as corporate culture by providing equal promotion opportunities to all employees. 
We deem to create a healthy and safe working environment as our first duty believing that our employees are the main elements of our operations.
For Environment

As EKO Endüstri, we believe that environment is our most valuable asset and the most valuable gift we can leave to next generations. With this belief, we never compromise under any condition whatsoever our principles to minimize environmental pollution within the frame of Environment Management System principles in each project we conduct and to ensure all protective measures are taken completely.