Metal Forming

Ensuring a continuous improvement process in all products by integrating all innovative results obtained during R&D studies quickly into production processes and obtaining full customer satisfaction in line with open cost principle is among our main targets. As a result of our superior sector experience, we are coming closer every day to our target of becoming the solution center of our sector with capabilities to make tailored design and production and prototype production in accordance with different needs of our users.
We, as Eko Endüstri, deem to offer our technical capabilities to the use of relevant educational institutions for the purpose of ensuring commercialization of innovative projects being carried by universities and increasing cooperation between industry and universities as one of primary targets. Through both the prototype production support we provide and our ideas on applicability in industry, we support innovative ideas and projects, which are beginning to develop in our country. 




 Providing solution partnership for serial production,
 Offering alternative production suggestions,
 Providing solution offers that enhance product quality and decrease cost
 Ensuring traceability
 Reflecting process improvements to our customers by following up momentary costs,
 Providing raw material supply in compliance with REACH,
 Prototype production within 10 days in case of draft drawings,
 Capability of initiating serial production within 30 days following approval of prototype,
 Openness to all social and quality audits at any moment,