As EKO Endüstri, we produce all materials and molds in our facilities with our competent R&D team for the sake of flawless production so as to include all production phases within the frame of our known quality and warranty policy. In this way, we make our entire production processes user oriented by enhancing our precise user satisfaction and continuous development principles which we adopt as corporate culture.   
We provide alternative solutions to users in all of production and order stages in the light of the sense of responsibility and experience arising from being one of the leading companies in the sector. We always use our superiority in price and logistics areas in line with the benefit of our customers and we accept this as one of our basic values.
Specialized in production of satellite antenna since 1998, our company has reached more than 200 customers in domestic and international markets.It is taking firm steps forward in becoming one of the strongest producers of the sector with its sales expending to sector leading customers in domestic market such as Vestel, Arçelik, Beko, Grundig and Digiturk, and its giant export volume expanding to 13 countries foreign markets. The number of satellite antennas sold in 2010 exceeded 10.000.000 pieces.
Our capability to produce antenna surfaces in different sizes and dimensions, in desired colors with different assembly components are the factors increasing our preferability up to date. Our mesh satellite production is increasing our export volume to windy countries such as UK, while invisibility after 150 meters and visual pollution reducing feature of our antennas has led us to being the first choice in European countries.
Since 2004 we have been operating as the sole metal group producer in Turkey of Decathlon Company with Domyos brand. Having started with production towards fitness groups in particular before launch of Decathlon into Turkish market, our business partnership still continues with growth. We are developing prototypes with our R&D Team with the draft drawings submitted by our partner and testing them in our facilities. Along with our recommendations for serial production, the prototypes are tested by Domyos and following receipt of approval, serial production is started. We also conduct product development and cost improvement studies during production by means of optimum production applications and product optimization methods. We have successfully conducted serial production of 10 different products with Decathlon, 2 products are still at test stage.
Our company has been performing production since 2011 for IKEA as the sole sheet and tube-profile group manufacturer in Turkey. Our company continues to develop its expertise on serial production and metal shaping, with worldwide brand IKEA.