Useful Documents

As EKO Cold Forging, we have received our power from our knowledge and experience until now. However, we believe that knowledge increases, is enhanced and develops as it is shared. Therefore, take advantage of researches and experiments in order to be in line with technology constantly and keep accuracy of our knowledge updated, and enhance our quality for our customers and provide solution partnership.

While our belief and respect to training and research has lead us to cooperation with universities and researchers, we are proud of publishing the information gathered on our website with the names of relevant researchers as an indication of our respect to labor.

You may find definition of cold forging, principles of cold forging, molds used for cold forging, and cold forging simulations in English and Turkish articles on our website.

We hereby want to thank to researchers, our customers and competitors, who make great effort to take cold forging one step forward as well as to those who prepared such publications by carrying out researches and sharing the said knowledge with us.